for a changing world

Meaningful is a purpose-driven communication agency based in London. They deliver campaigns that improve life for local communities, build a better society, and reduce negative impacts on the planet. The challenge was creating an identity that would appeal to Meaningful’s broad clientele - From environmental start-ups and non-profits actively working to improve the world we live in, to corporate clients serious about their impact on society and the environment.

The approach was to create a vibrant brand, whilst maintaining a professional and trustworthy look and feel. The logomark is approachable, clever and meaningful. The letter M can be broken in two elements forming it, representing two people forming a connection. The colour palette is bold and energising representing four colours of the seven chakras. In the illustration, three people are holding hands and are filled with both natural and city-like elements, to reflect the variety of the projects that Meaningful deals with.

Client: Meaningful
Role: Creative director & project manager
Deliverables: branding, brand guidelines, illustration, stationery, PowerPoint presentation template. Word proposal template,  holding page in WordPress

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