CHAYN ITALIA is a platform that uses open source technologies to provide women who need tools, information and support against gender violence. More than 50 volunteers have decided to bring the CHAYN model already existing in Pakistan and in India, to Italy , a country where more than 30% of women aged between 16 to 70 suffer from violence a least once in their lifetime.

The identity of CHAYN conveys an idea of sisterhood, positivity and variety of women. The colour palette conveys a positive message, being bold and femminine. To populate the website with visual content I helped with the idea of sending an open brief to all female illustrators that wanted to participate, using at least one of the colour of the brand.

Please visit  (content only in Italian) and to find out more about this incredible project. Volunteering 2016

My duties: logo, illustration "Siamo una, siamo tutte",  merchandise produced by Worth Wearing, art direction of illustrations

CHAYN_FB coverCHAYN_FB cover

Buy them all here and help the fight against gender violence.