3 St James's

3 St James’s Square is a 56,000 sq ft hybrid development situated in St James Square, one of the most prestigious office addresses in the world. The building has been refurbished to the highest standards and with an impactful and unique reception, made of European white birch wood. This is one of the main features of this property and the whole look and feel of the brand rotates around this element and around the minimalist and predominately white interiors. 

One of the main challenges was to communicate the extreme preciousness and uniqueness of this product, which goes beyond a normal development due to its prestigious location.

Project completed while working at Stepladder. Pictures ©Stepladder. Website published on Site Inspire.

My duties: brandmark, CEO brochure, agents brochure, 8 pages brochure, art direction of photography, holding page, fully responsive website design, floor and bar vinyl.


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