One Album (or song) One Poster One Day One hour is a self-initiated  project aimed to celebrate my new working lifestyle. From the 28th of February I became a fully remote graphic designer and digital nomad, with not permanent roots, not a schedule decided by others and a world of possibilities to explore. Another goal of this 2017 is to listen to more new music. For this reason I decided to try to dedicate one hour every day that I am not overloaded with work in the listening of a new album or a song of a new band and in this time create a poster inspired by the music I am listening to. This is a celebration of my freedom.


 Gorillaz "Andromeda" | Take it in your heart | 11/04/17 | Listen to it


8 of March "Somos una, somos todas" #NiUnaMenos | Done while listening at lofi hip hop radio | 08/03/17 | Listen to it


Mon Laferte" Amor Completo" | Cada vez que yo te veo y te pienso siento que florezco | 07/03/17 | Listen to it

1111_004_chemical-brothers_-Sometimes-i-feel-so-deserted ©-Elena-Manfredi1111_004_chemical-brothers_-Sometimes-i-feel-so-deserted ©-Elena-Manfredi

Chemical brothers "Sometimes i feel so deserted"| Sometimes i feel so deserted | 03/03/17 | Listen to it


 Murubutu "Mara e il maestrale" | Vedo ricordi che galleggiano nell'acqua chiara Pensavo a Mara che cantava e intanto si incantava | 01/03/17 |  Listen to it


Blockhead "The Music Scene" | The music scene has got me down ‘Cause I don’t want to be a clown | 02/03/17 | Listen to it


Newen Afrobeat | Hoy es tiempo de empezar a batallar per preparar un mundo sin fronteras | 28/02/17 | Listen to it