During the last year of my course I was part of the editorial team in charge of producing the publication for the end of year show. The content consists of quotes and images taken from research PDFs and interviews of second and third year students about their design processes. The title of this publication "Invisible" was chosen to highlight the less known parts of the design process – research, mistakes, trials, sketches, thoughts. Risograph printed.

Project done during studies at London College of Communication.

DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8308DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8308
DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8313DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8313
DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8306DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8306
DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8311DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8311
DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8315DGC© Elena Manfredi_IMGM-8315