Cocktail Society

While freelancing at Ragged Edge, I was asked to create a brand for the upcoming Cocktail Society from All Bar One and a strategy to launch this promotion during the summer. Having a wide variety of cocktails on offer, I decided to divide them in 4 different groups determined by the glass in which they were served and the methodology used to produce them. For each of them I have created an icon and various patterns.

The logo is a hybrid of a classic typeface juxtaposed to stylized illustrations of two Martini glasses and a shaker. An elegant gold and white colour palette underlines the overall luxurious feel of the brand.

Check the Cocktail Society out here. Freelance 2013

My duty: Logo, icons, menus, welcome pack

All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi9All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi9
All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi8All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi8
All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi4All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi4
All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi7All Bar One 2 © Elena Manfredi7