Born Free is an organisation which focuses on the protection of endangered animals and on ending wild animal cruelty and suffering. They briefed Latte Creative to re-design a new website, where the main aims were creating a more accessible and better looking site and a restyling of the logo. 

This project is a pitch I proposed to Latte Creative. Below it is possible to find out about my process in developing the project and the final outcomes.


Born Free Web copyBorn Free Web copy

The first step was analysing competitors.

The second step was drawing the sitemap of the website. After that was possible to understand even better the main problems of this site: the excessive amount of information, the disorganization of it, the fact that some pages could have been easily merged and some of the titles of them changed into something shorter and less old fashioned.

As the homepage was going to be one of the pages that I was going to re-design and above all being the most important page of a website, I decided to analyse it thoroughly. The design of the homepage was reflecting the same qualities of the sitemap: too many information, old-fashioned look and content hard to navigate. The first step of my analysis was recognize what kind of information was presented, which I was able to divide into three main groups: 1) Learn ; 2) Act; 3) Connect. The second step was understanding what kind of info I was going to keep in the homepage (which I highlighted with green post it) and which I was going to eliminate (light-pink post-it ), all with notes that helped me in the design process.



Born free presentation13Born free presentation13

Restyiling the logo and defining some basic digital guidelines.