Antithesis lookbooks

Antithesis is a fashion label breaking away from the fashion mainstream by creating garments that are versatile, practical as well as physically and emotionally durable. I designed two digital lookbooks that would reflect some of the main values of this brand: bold, contemporary, feminine and original.

Read them hereFreelance done in 2015

My duties: Two digital lookbooks

Antithesis covers ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis covers ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 1 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 1 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 2 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 2 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 3 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 3 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 5 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 5 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 6 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 6 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 7 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 7 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 8 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 8 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 9 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 9 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 10 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 10 ©ElenaManfredi
Antithesis 11 ©ElenaManfrediAntithesis 11 ©ElenaManfredi