25 Kingly Street 

25 Kingly Street is a high quality development in the heart of Carnaby. The brand reflects the main values of the product: cool, engaging, contemporary and rare. These ideas are expressed by the use of a punchy colour palette that mirrors the external tiles of the building. The glyph is simple and geometrical and follows the lines of the façade. The logotype uses a bold typeface retaining its elegance and modernity thanks to a centered alignment.

The main touch point of the brand is the brochure. Its unusual format reinforces the playfulness and quirkiness of the building. It is a gatefold brochure where both of the sections are not attached permanently but held by two fluorescent green elastic bands. The cover is screen printed on both sides.

Winning pitch executed in April 2014. Project done while working at Stepladder.

My duties: brandmark, brochure, art direction of photography, holding page, A5 invite

Kingly And Grove brandKingly And Grove brand
Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7634Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7634
Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7633Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7633
Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-8035Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-8035
Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7631Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7631
Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7649Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7649
Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7629Kingly © Elena Manfredi_IMG-7629
Kingly_© Elena Manfredi_IMG-7654Kingly_© Elena Manfredi_IMG-7654